Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Does the NETEagle really work?
Ans: Yes, the NETEagle does work and very well in 99% of all systems (which might be a better average than MS Windows itself). It optimizes some networking related buffers for Internet connectivity, and allows for some custom tweaking of your Internet connection.

Q. 2. Will it work on my PC?
Ans: The NETEagle will increase your Internet speed regardless of Internet connection type/ISP. Whether it is your home based machine, or office desktop.... The NETEagle will increase your connectivity rate. Dial-up modems (14.4/28.8/56k), Cable Modem Connections, DSL/ADSL Connections, Fixed Connections, LAN Connection, Satellite and T1/T2/T3/OC3 are all fully supported.

Q. 3. What Operating Systems are supported?
Ans: The NETEagle is designed to work with all current MS Windows versions: Microsoft Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Q. 4. Where can I get the NETEagle?
Ans: The NETEagle is freely available for download in the Downloads area of

Q. 5. When I install the NETEagle, will it change my settings?
Ans: The NETEagle does not change any Registry settings on its own, just the ones you choose and "tell it" to do.

Q. 6. Do I need to run NETEagle every time I restart my computer?
Ans: NETEagle needs to only be run once. However, you should run NETEagle again only after you install a new version or other software that affects your internet settings.

Q. 7. Will the NETEagle work behind a router/firewall?
Ans: The NETEagle changes some network buffers and optimizes the network protocols used for Internet access, it will work behind a NAT router and/or a firewall as well. You will have to optimize the settings on all client computers on the LAN.

Q. 8. Do I have to be logged in as administrator?
Ans: In order to use the NETEagle to its full potential, you should be logged in with administrative privileges (user in the administrators group), so you have permissions to write to all the related Registry keys.

Q. 9. Is it legal to tweak my internet connection?
Ans: The NETEagle is completely legal. The NETEagle does not, in any way illegally uncap your ISP provided modem, or circumvent allocated bandwidth. The program works by optimizing internet-related parameters on your PC(s), allowing it to better utilize the bandwidth allocated by your ISP.

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