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NETEagle Overview

NETEagle is an award winning tool that optimizes your modem connection. Your internet connection can be optimized up to 200% or higher by using NETEagle. NETEagle supports all current Windows versions, and works with any internet connection. NETEagle optimizes internet related settings, allowing for faster throughput. NETEagle has been tried and tested on numerous machines and has been found to work over 99% of the time to increase your download speeds.

NETEagle Xtreme Overview

NETEagle Xtreme an award winning and highly optimized tool for internet users. It has all the features of NETEagle, plus more tweaks for better performance of internet activities.

NETEagle is Freeware
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NETEagle 5.50 Released.

NETEagle Xtreme 1.00 Released.

NETEagleXtreme is Shareware

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